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Учредитель: The Japan Award Hunters Group
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1. For reception of this diploma it is necessary to confirm communications with following quantity towns/villages Japan: Class PERFECT - all towns/villages. (All the towns/villages Certificate). A class 2600 - 2600 towns/villages (label). A class 2400 - 2400 towns/villages (label). A class 2200 - 2200 towns/villages (label). A class 2000 - 2000 towns/villages (label). A class 1500 - 1500 towns/villages (label). A class 1000 - 1000 towns/villages (Certificate.) .class DX only 300 towns/villages(Certificate.). 2. The list towns/villages will be accessible in JAG Towns/Village List. 3. If village has passed in the status town, it is considered only once. 4. On QSL-cards the name town or village should be printed. The application with the appendix §а§б§Э§С§д§н:Yen 500 or 8 IRC (for Trophy/Certificate), Yen 100 or 2 IRC + SASE (for a label) to send JA7FVA. Notes: 1. Removal from the list towns/villages and any changes will be published in JAG News as soon as will appear. 2. The applicant who will be possible manage Class Perfect without QSO c/§в station-§Ю§Ъ, will receive the special diploma. 3. For the application it is more preferable to use JAG-certified Town/Village List, but any form of the application if only names GUN have been specified, Towns and Villages, corresponding JAG-certified Town/Village List. 4 can be used. The applicant should receive Certificate Class 1000 before declaring the maximum classes of the diploma. 5. The applicant should store a copy of the previous applications for the future labels. 6. For reception JAG-certified Town/Village List it is necessary to send JA7FVA SASE and cost of transfer in IRC. 8. Signal the applicants who have received diplomas, will be published in JAG News at least once a year 9. On the diploma the communications lead after January, 1st, 1981 are set off. 10. As of January, 1st, 1998 in Japan it is totaled 2562 towns/villages.

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