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Временный позывной. Срок действия: 01.01.2021 - 31.12.2024
Событие: WCA, wwff expeditions
Стефан Кръстев

ul. Trakia 8
Polikraishte, Veliko Tirnovo 5138

Домашняя страница: http://lz2db.blogspot.com/ http://wcag-lz.blogspot.com/
Просмотров: 1,339
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QSO with LZ2DB & LZ2A & LZ11C from 01 January till 31 March 2018 gives you points for DIPLOMA “140 ГОДИНИ OТ ОСВОБОЖДЕНИЕТО НА БЪЛГАРИЯ ОТ ОСМАНСКО ИГО”

You can see the rules of this Diploma here: http://http://www.qrz.com/db/lz140lo

I starting in Amateur Radio when I was a young boy at age 14.
First as a SWL LZ2F-106 from 14.02.1964.Same year I make my first QSO from club station LZ2KAF,
and QRV also from radiolub LZ2KLC.
I use my home call LZ2DB since 1978. Firstly with home made TRCVR UW3DI-1 and PA 250 W.
After 1985 I use in radioshack an KENWOOD TS930S.Have also TS850S and home brew 800 watts amplifier.
Since 1998 using LZ2A - Contest, Celebration and Expedition Call.

I do accept only paper QSL cards via Bureau or direct.

I do answer to received QSL cards if card:

1.Conforms with my log.

2.Received QSL card has clear handwritten indication "pse QSL".

3.Received direct QSL card supported by sufficient postage fee and SAE.

Please don't send qsl by e-qsl. I'm not member in this system!



World castles award group WCAG #145

Tracian Rose Club TRC#142 Bulgaria

Black sea contest club BSCC #529
Radioamateur telegraphy club RCWC #572
"Dolphins" Radio Club DRC #120
Indentependent CW club CQCW #036
The international radiotelegraphy MORSE club UCWC #2752

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