HwB: Ethernet 10/100Base-T Straight Thru Cable

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Ethernet 10/100Base-T Straight Thru Cable

This cable will work with both 10Base-T and 100Base-TX and is used to connect a network interface card to a hub or network outlet. These cables are sometimes called "whips".

RJ45 FEMALE CONNECTOR (To network interface card).

RJ45 MALE CONNECTOR to network interface card).

Name Pin Cable Color Pin Name
TX+ 1 White/Orange 1 TX+
TX- 2 Orange 2 TX-
RX+ 3 White/Green 3 RX+
  4 Blue 4  
  5 White/Blue 5  
RX- 6 Green 6 RX-
  7 White/Brown 7  
  8 Brown 8  
Note: It's important that each pair is kept as a pair. TX+ & TX- must be in the pair, and RX+ & RX- must together in another pair. (Just as the table above shows).

Just for your information, this is how the pairs are named:

Pair Pins Common color
1 4 & 5 Blue
2 1 & 2 Orange
3 3 & 6 Green
4 7 & 8 Brown

The + side of each pair is called the "tip" and the - side is called the "ring", a reference to old telephone connectors.

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