HwB: Atari ST Monitor Connector

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Atari ST Monitor

NOT DRAWN YET (At the Computer)
NOT DRAWN YET (At the Devices)

13 PIN DIN FEMALE at the Computer.
13 PIN DIN MALE at the Devices.

Pin Name Description
1 AO Audio Out
2 CVIDEO Composite Video
3 CS Clock Select
4 MD Monochrome Detect / Clock In
5 AI Audio In
6 G Green
7 R Red
8 +12V +12 VDC (520ST has GND)
9 HSYNC Horizontal Sync
10 B Blue
11 MVIDEO Monochrome Video
12 VSYNC Vertical Sync
13 GND Ground
Contributor: Joakim Цgren, Lawrence Wright, Email ">Steve & Sally Blair
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