HwB: C16/C116/+4 Audio/Video Connector

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C16/C116/+4 Audio/Video

Available on Commodore C16/C116/+4 computers.

8 PIN DIN (DIN45326) FEMALE (At the Computer)

8 PIN DIN (DIN45326) FEMALE at the Computer.

Pin Name Dir Description
1 LUM --> Luminance (monochrome video)
2 GND --- Ground
3 AOUT --> Audio out
4 VOUT --> Composite Video out
5 AIN <-- Audio in (into the SID chip)
6 COLOR - Color ?
7 n/c - Not connected
8 +5VDC --> +5 VDC
Note: Direction is Computer relative Monitor.
Contributor: Joakim Цgren, Arwin Vosselman
Sources: CBM Memorial Page Pinouts
Sources: SAMS Computerfacts CC8 Commodore 16.
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