HwB: C16/+4 Expansion Bus Connector

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C16/C116/+4 Expansion Bus

Available on Commodore C16, C116 and +4 computers.

UNKNOWN (At the Computer)

50 PIN FEMALE EDGE (2 mm pitch) at the Computer.

Pin Name Description
1 GND Ground
2 +5V +5 VDC
3 +5V +5 VDC
4 /IRQ Interrupt
5 R/W Read/Write (1=Read, 0=Write)
6 C1HIGH External Cartridge Chip Selects C1 High
7 C2LOW External Cartridge Chip Selects C2 Low (reserved)
8 C2HIGH External Cartridge Chip Selects C2 High (reserved)
9 /CS1 Chip Select Line 1
10 /CS0 Chip Select Line 0
11 /CAS Column Address Strobe
12 MUX DRAM address multiplex control signal
13 BA Bus Available (Low=DMA)
14 D7 Data 7
15 D6 Data 6
16 D5 Data 5
17 D4 Data 4
18 D3 Data 3
19 D2 Data 2
20 D1 Data 1
21 D0 Data 0
22 AEC Address Enable Code
23 EAI External Audio In
24 PHI 2 Artificial Phi 2 signal
25 GND Ground
A GND Ground
B C1LOW External Cartridge Chip Selects C1 Low
C /RESET Reset
D /RAS Row Address Strobe
E PHI 0 Artificial Phi 0 Signal
F A15 Address 15
H A14 Address 14
J A13 Address 13
K A12 Address 12
L A11 Address 11
M A10 Address 10
N A9 Address 9
P A8 Address 8
R A7 Address 7
S A6 Address 6
T A5 Address 5
U A4 Address 4
V A3 Address 3
W A2 Address 2
X A1 Address 1
Y A0 Address 0
Z n/c Not connected
AA n/c Not connected
BB n/c Not connected
CC GND Ground

PHI 2: Address valid on the rising edge, data valid on the falling edge

Contributor: Joakim Цgren, Arwin Vosselman
Sources: Usenet posting in comp.sys.cbm, Pinout specs for cbm machines needed by Lonnie McClure
Sources: SAMS Computerfacts CC8 Commodore 16.
Sources: Article in C'T September 1986.
Please send any comments to Joakim Цgren.