HwB: Ethernet 10/100Base-T Connector

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Ethernet 10/100Base-T

Same connector and pinout for both 10Base-T and 100Base-TX.

RJ45 FEMALE CONNECTOR (At the network interface cards/hubs)
RJ45 FEMALE CONNECTOR (At the cables)

RJ45 FEMALE CONNECTOR at the network interface cards/hubs.
RJ45 MALE CONNECTOR at the cables.

Pin Name Description
1 TX+ Tranceive Data+
2 TX- Tranceive Data-
3 RX+ Receive Data+
4 n/c Not connected
5 n/c Not connected
6 RX- Receive Data-
7 n/c Not connected
8 n/c Not connected
Note: TX & RX are swapped on Hub's.
Contributor: Joakim Цgren, Jeffrey R. Broido
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