CAC168 description

Analog and digital controller CAC168

CAC168 device is intended for control (0,03%) of power supplies. It may be used as general purpose multichannel DAC and multichannel precise ADC. The device has optoisolated input and output registers on-board. It gives an opportunity to build simple systems with the single devices. You can read a detail description (2-feb-2005) of device in pdf-file. (in russian)
The device is designed by Sergey Zverev and Victor Kozak.
The device consist of:

- 8-channel 16-bits bipolar DAC;

- 16-channels ADC;
- 4-channel optoisolated output register;
- 4-channel optoisolated input register;
- CANBUS interface for communication with control computer;
- embedded microcontroller.

Parameters of CAC168:
- resolution of DAC - 16 bits;
- accuracy of DAC - 0,03%;
- resolution of ADC - 24 bits;
- accuracy of ADC - 0,03%;
- input range of ADC - 10V;
- output range od DAC - 2,5V;
- channels of output register  4;
- channels of input register   4.