CDAC16 - multichannel digital-to-analog converter

CDAC16 - multichannel digital-to-analog converter

CANDAC16M device is intended for control of multichannel controlled power supplies. It may be used as general purpose multichannel DAC. The device has optoisolated input and output registers on-board. It gives an opportunity to build simple systems with the single devices. You can read a detail description of device in pdf-file.
The device consist of:

- 16-channels 16-bits DAC;
- 8-channel optoisolated output register;
- 8-channel optoisolated input register;
- CANBUS interface for communication with control computer;
- embedded microcontroller.

    An user can use CANDAC16M both 16 independent general purpose digital-to-analog converters and multichannel functional generator. An embedded microcontroller may store up to 8 files which describes changing output voltages for all channels in time. Embedded processor provides linear interpolation of output voltages between characteristic points. All devices in network or programmable group of devices may be started by single broadcast message. 

Parameters of CANDAC16M:

- resolution - 16 bits;
- accuracy - 0.05%;
- output range - from -10 V to +10 V (may be changed to unipolar range 0-10V by jumper);
- channels of output register - 8;
- channels of input register - 8.

Additionally You can read some paper, for example here.