16-channel VME analog-to-digital converter VMEADC16

16-channel VME analog-to-digital converter

16-channels analog-to-digital converter VMEADC16 is intended for application in different systems for DC measurements. An analog part of the device is galvanically isolated from digital part. A low level of noises provides high resolution of ADC. An embedded microcontroller provides a simple interface and gives opportunity to improve characteristics of device in future by upgrading an embedded software. A detail description is here (14-НБТ-2003).

Parameters of VMEADC16:
- ADC resolution - 24 bits;
- effective ADC resolution - from 15 bits (time is 1 mS) up to 20 bits (time is 20 mS or more);
- maximal offset in all temperature range - 100 mcV;
- accuracy of ADC - 0.003%;
- input range of ADC +-10V;
- input current - 1 nA;
- common-mode voltage - 10.5 V;
- common-mode rejection - 75 db;
- time of measurement from 1 mS to 160 mS.