Simoco (TMC Radio)

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Data Demonstration Tool (503KB) Demonstrates sending and receiving data between computer and a mobile radio via a MAP27 serial link. v.1.05

Phase II Release: (Legacy Product Support). Support for Old Legacy Installations. Note: The new Phase III software supports nearly all operations in the same manner. FPP V2.941 SRM V4.74, April 2003

Phase V Pre-Release: This is the latest FPP and Radio software. It has not been extensively tested, so if used for Customer Installations, all functionality used by the customer should be tested to ensure it operates as expected. FPP V5.06, SRM V5.38, SRP V1.51 Nov 2005

Phase V Beta Release

Beta version of FPP and Radio software. This software is for testing SRM9022 and RSM-GPS microphones only.

* SRM9022 PMR * RSM-GPS Microphone

For factory alignment of SRM9000 Mobiles and SRP9100 Portables. v. 2.53

Tests SRM9010/9020/9025/9030 Control Units. Requires interface hardware between the computer and control unit. PDF File.Control Unit Test Box Circuit (13KB) V1.09

Phase V Formal Release: Programs SRM9010/9020/9025/9030 Mobiles. Programs SRP9130/SRP9120 Portables. The programmer also provides the latest Radio software. Generally referred to as the FPP. New Features in Phase V * Enhanced Data Messaging * MA-ASI & MA-ASIG option board support * MA-SIXOHM option board support * GPS AVL functionality * 250 Vote/Scan/Multiax Groups * Auto Key Lock function * New 9030 control unit supports full ASCII character set * Frequency Inversion Scrambler * Supports SRM9000 Rev 9 hardware

Сервисное руководство радиостанции Simoco SRP 8000 service manual, PDF

Сервисное руководство радиостанции Simoco SRP 9100 service manual, PDF